The Magic of the Media Saves Torrey!

Save 1 Person Alert, indirectly saves another life, through the miracle of the media.  Hear from Torrey from Florida, what it’s like to have your life saved from a complete stranger through the media… To watch complete coverage of the PIX story click here: {youtube}qraiOgtZkcI|600|450|0{/youtube} Hear from Sara from NJ who gave her kidney to […]

What Does it Feel Like to Have Your Life Saved?

Hear Torrey tell you what it’s like to receive a kidney from a complete stranger through the magic of the media… {youtube}qraiOgtZkcI|600|450|0{/youtube} Hear from the woman who donated a kidney from watching a news segment in the media… {youtube}8iHtJlBsGRk|600|450|0{/youtube} PIX in New York will be airing the full story, stay tuned……………..

11-Year-Old has Rare Agressive Cancer!

This Week’s Save 1 Alert! 11-year-old, Rory Williams from Australia, had a tumor about the size of a football in his abdomen.  Fears were confirmed, when Tory was diagnosed with a rare and an aggressive cancer.  Rory is currently taking an experimental cancer drug which has reduced the tumor to the size of a plum.  The family still fights to keep […]