Danny has DIPG – Send Him Your Birthday Wishes, Now!

  This Week’s Save 1 Alert:   Danny Nickerson was recently diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. The form of cancer Danny has, known as DIPG, and is one of the most resistant to chemotherapy treatment.  According to some research less than 10 percent of children will live longer than 18 months. We want to change that but first […]

Meredith Needs a New Set of Lungs!

   {youtube}DIKjTSNdnRs|600|450|0{/youtube} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIKjTSNdnRs  Meredith Farrell needs a new set of lungs. Can you help? Meredith was hospitalized during Hurricane Sandy with pneumonia and adenovirus,  and was on life support for 8 days, requiring mechanical ventilation. Meredith’s lungs were badly damaged, and she is currently on supplementary oxygen 24/7. The following may sound harsh but could save a […]

Richard Marx, Beautiful Goodbye, and Saving Lives Anonymously!

Is it possible for an angelic voice to save a life?  Hearing a heavenly voice can certainly have you soar to new places and heights such as Richard Marx’s latest release, Beautiful Goodbye. Sometimes saving a life, can simply be a beautiful voice taking you to new heights to soar with angels. Richard Marx perfromed some of […]