Mother of Twins has Leukemia!

  Mother of twins needs stem cell transplant. Tammy McLash, from Canada, 38, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia and  urgently needs a stem cell transplant. Finding a stem cell match has been elusive.  Tammy’s sister and brother were not matches. The family is making a plea for people to become stem cell donors. The family is encouraging the public to join […]

Baby Ashton has Pulmonary Atresia

Baby Ashton needs a new heart.        Ashton Romero was diagnosed with Pulmonary Atresia at such a young age. The doctors at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee have recommended a life-saving heart transplant. Getting a new heart at any age is traumatic, getting funds for the operation should not be. Watch this news segment:    […]

11-Year-Old has Rare Immune Deficiency – Card-9,

    Save 11-Year-Old Nicholas. Save The World.   Nicholas Ambrose from Michigan has only one wish, to be a normal kid.  Nicholas was diagnosed with a medical problem so rare he’s the only one documented in the world.   (Click here to watch a news segment on Nicholas): {youtube}Pq19F551rfU|600|450|0{/youtube}     There’s a fungal […]