Elaine Receives a Kidney!

   Elaine Receives the Gift of Life from a Directed Donor!   {youtube}zWyr-fi42MI&list=UUGKhBlzsN2gp0yP4TYGWqZw|600|450|0{/youtube} https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zWyr-fi42MI&list=UUGKhBlzsN2gp0yP4TYGWqZw   Elaine DeLeon did not have it easy. After 200 people responded to the Fox segment, a woman went through six months of testing and was approved to be a kidney donor. Approximately a week before the surgery, the hospital informed […]

The Moms & Celebs & Life Messages!




What are Miracles from Heaven?  Jennifer Garner stars in this movie about a child who is dying from a rare disease and is miraculously saved as a result of a freak accident.  As a mom, it was difficult watching some of this movie, because I felt every emotion, as if that child was mine who was in so much pain and suffering.  I felt the anguish of the mom not knowing how to save her own child.  And then ultimately when there was nothing else left to do but pray, I dug into my own soul to see the depth of my own faith and belief in G-d. The movie was brilliant in reminding us that there are miracles everywhere. It reminds us that we are all connected.  It reminds us that miracles could be as big as a cure for a very sick child to the miracle of  a stranger being a secret angel in a time of need.  This movie was real, it pulled at your heart strings and it reaffirms what I believe, there are G-dly messages everywhere, whether it be wisdom shared in a church or synagogue or going to a Moms event with Jennifer Garner.  G-d talks to everyone in different ways, this time it’s through one of America’s biggest and brightest stars, Jennifer Garner.  Miracles from Heaven are everywhere and it’s up to us to keep our hearts and eyes open to be witness to them. Thanks Moms for always having interesting and thought provoking events that make you ponder the meaning of life.  Save 1 Person. Save The World one miracle at a time.




I worked at TV networks years ago, and I loved the glitz and glamour of it.  What it lacked for me sometimes was meaning. I remember promoting Cindy Crawford’s latest look at the beach or Monica Lewinsky’s sexcapades and I would think is this all there really is in life? After I left the fast paced environment of the TV industry, I started a non profit called Save 1 Person.  Although I love this work, and there’s nothing more fulfilling than to see your team, as part of the process to save a life, at times this work can be very heavy.  Since I’ve been attending, The Moms events (Themoms.com) it’s been combining two worlds I love, one of intrigue and one of meaning.  Since, I’ve been attending the Moms events it reminds me that there are many, many ways to save a life. Quite, often it’s sharing stories of hope, inspiration and courage from all walks of life.  Everyone has a story that can touch, move and inspire others to carry on and fight the good fight despite the obstacles along the way. And we need desperately to hear these stories, to know we are not alone. And that others have persevered and others have created a path, and if they can overcome their challenges, we can too.

Save 26 Orphans!

Save Orphans in Jerusalem. Save The World. Terrorists kill innocent souls, while they are praying in a synagogue in Har Noff, Israel. The brutal massacre, this time, left behind 26 orphans. We can’t turn back the hands of time, and we can help pick up some of the broken pieces.   .    Would you like to help the orphans […]

Can You Help a Canadian Mom Breathe?

    Tami Walker, a loving wife and mom from Canada is suffering from severe and chronic  thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH). Tami’s health is progressively deteriorating and there is an urgency in getting her a lung transplant. Getting a double lung transplant to save your life is devastating enough, having the process stopped because of a lack […]