Help One of The Family’s of the Terrorist Attack!

  This is a Save 1 Alert.   Helping the family of one of the victims of the Paris terror attack!  Philipe Braham is one of the 4 victims of the “Hyper Casher” killing on January 9th. Philipe  was in his early 40’s and leaves behind a spouse, Valerie, and three children. aged 8, 2 and a toddler.  Valerie […]

Help a South African Girl Breathe!

Jenna lives in South Africa and Needs our Help! Listen to Jenna Lowe’s own words as she describes her courageous battle with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension! {youtube}xdrga3skVU8|600|450|0{/youtube} Jenna dreams of dancing like her friends or going to the beach. Jenna also dreams of getting a new set of lungs  so she could be like any othe young […]