Help Katlin Breathe!

  This is a Save 1 Person Alert. Katlin Prager from Kentucky was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when she was two weeks old. Since 2009 she’s spent weeks in and out of the hospital. Her family says insurance won’t pay for a lung transplant so they’re looking to the public for help. Watch this news segment:  And then […]

Bonnie Gives Kidney & 4 Lives Saved!

  {youtube}GCAg_vUkurc|600|450|0{/youtube}   Bonnie Larosa is a true hero.  Bonnie saw a news segment about a man who needed a living kidney donor and acted on saving a life.  The man in the news segment, Torrey Green already had a donor and Bonnie was asked to test for someone else who needed a living […]