Can You Help This Baby with CHD?

  Save 1 Baby. Save The World.  1-Year-Old  Paloma Bartocci, was born prematurely at 26-weeks.  This little soldier, needs life-saving surgery for congenital heart defects (CHD)  as well as other health related issues due to her premature birth. The family needs your help? To find how you can make a difference and save Paloma click here    Save 1 Child. […]

Save a Princess!

  Save 1 Child. Save The World. Maria Campos is too young to be fighting this battle. This little New Yorker’s kidneys are failing and she’s in chronic kidney failure. Maria could live a healthy life with a kidney of a stranger. Would you consider being a living kidney donor to this little princess? If you answered yes, please send your […]

Canadian Woman Needs Liver Donor, Now!

    A beautiful 20-something Canadian hair dresser is praying for a miracle. And that miracle could be you. Jillian Di Bernardo suffers from a hereditary disease affecting her liver. Months of testing reveled Jillian Di Bernardo has a disease called hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT). A stranger could save her life by being a living liver donor. Did you know […]