Baby Needs Liver Transplant!

  This is a Alert. It’s every mother’s worst nightmare.  To hear your baby has a fatal disease and needs life saving help to survive. Talia Rakhimov has Biliary Atresia and needs a liver transplant. Talia needs a donor with  blood type B+, under 110 pounds, over 18 years old and in good physical and mental health. The family is […]

Find a Cure for FSGS for Matthew!

{youtube}5EWBXDOhkaw&feature|600|450|0{/youtube} It’s every mother’s worst nightmare, to hear your child, has an incurable disease. That’s what Dana Levine’s family was told when her son, Matthew was diagnosed with FSGS. FSGS is a kidney disease that currently has no cure. When you have FSGS, the filtering units in the kidneys do not work, the proteins in the blood and […]

Are You a Mom’s Miracle Match?

  Imagine going in for a routine doctor’s visit and then hearing from your physician you have a deadly disease.  It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. And that is what Adriana Vidals, a mom of three from Arkansas heard from her health care provider. Doctors diagnosed Adriana with Leukemia and she has been fighting an uphill battle ever since.  Adriana needs a bone marrow […]

Florida Boy Fights Heart and Lung Disease!

 {youtube}ik1WXxdZiYc|600|450|0{/youtube}   This is a Save 1 Boy Alert. A Florida boy fights heart and lung disease. Eric Piburn was born with a very complex – Pulmonary defect called Tetrology of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia. This boy has undergone four heart surgeries. Waiting for a heart and lung is heart wrenching enough, funding for the procedure should not be […]