Child has CESD!

  A nine-year-old girl in Canada is fighting for her life after being  diagnosed with a rare liver condition. Teaghan Gearey’s body is not able to get rid of the fat  it stores in her  liver causing scarring and cirrhosis. Teaghan has CESD. The disease causes many sufferers to face-life threatening symptoms within a decade. However, a drug therapy called Kanuma […]

Child Needs a Miracle from Heaven!

 {youtube}HrTbQD5FaZQ|600|450|0{/youtube}   This 13-Year-Old Needs a miracle from heaven.  Angelina Flack, is in the fight for her life.  She’s battling Cystic Fibrosis and needs a double lung transplant. Listen to this angel’s fight song above and help be part of the miracle to save her life. The following may sound harsh and it could save Angelina. Do you know of […]

Save This Beauty!

  This beautiful 24-year-old needs a genetic match to save her life. Lara Casalotti, a master’s student in London, began noticing pain in her back  and shortness of breath during her runs.   A trip to the doctor revealed, a devestating discovery,  Acute Myeloid Leukemia, a rare aggressive and potentially fatal cancer,  in which the bone marrow makes abnormal blood cells or […]