Mike Suffers from Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency,

.   58-year-old Michael Gulliver, is in need of a double lung transplant  after being diagnosed with a rare disease in 2013. Gulliver suffers from alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, which affects the lungs and liver.  Alpha-1 antitrypsin is a protein that helps protect the lungs against damage caused by inflammation. Michael needs a double lung transplant or he won’t survive. If […]

Ginger has MDS!

  Ginger Dill from Florida was diagnosed with breast cancer and had a double lumpectomy.  Now, she has a new devastating battle to defy the odds and she’s calling out to you for help. Ginger was diagnosed with, Mylodysplastic (MDS) and needs a miracle match to save her. Finding a bone marrow match, could be like finding a needle […]

Alanna is in End Stage Renal Failure!

  This woman from New York is looking for her second miracle. 6 years ago, Alanna Ambrosio  received the gift of a lieftime because she suffered from the cystic fibrosis and needed new lungs. Now, this 25-year-old is waiting for a gift from heaven again, a new liver. Recently Alanna was told she’s in end stage renal failure. If you’d like to make […]

Score to Save Basketball Star!

      Save 1 Basketball Player. Save The World.  Former Jayhawk basketball player, Alonzo Jamison needs a life saving assist. Alonzo is facing a life threatening illness  This former basketball star is facing kidney failure, brought on by diabetes. If you’d like to make a difference and see how you can score find out more here: https://www.facebook.com/Hoops4HopeKC/?fref=ts.  To watch […]