2 Young Sisters Have Childhood Alzheimers!

    It’s every parent’s worst nightmare to hear your children have a fatal disease.  Two young sisters from Califonia are in for the fight of their life.  And their loving parents are trying to save them. Brynee (8)  and Kendall (6) Moore were recently diagnosed with a genetic disease called Niemann Pick Disease Type C (Childhood Alzheimers). The […]

Help Make Sure Nealley Can Walk!

    Imagine having the fear that if you turn your neck you’ll  become paralyzed?  Well it’s Nealley’s life everyday. Nealley Cardwell, 32 suffers from EDS (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and desperately needs a neck fusion surgery to prevent her from being paralized in the future Nealley can not turn her neck without partially relocating it. The bottom of her brain […]