Samantha has Ehlers Danos Syndrome!

A 30-Year-Old Single Mom of Two from the United Kingdom needs the kindness of strangers to save her life.Samantha Smith was diagnosed with Ehlers Danos Syndrome. EDS is a genetic condition that means the ‘glue’ that holds the body together is faulty causing widespread pain, daily dislocations, cardiac abnormalities and multiple illnesses.  Samantha has found a surgeon in the US […]

11-Year-Old has Sickle Cell Anemia!

  {youtube}HyMD0XW-t48|600|450|0{/youtube}   11-year-old Kami Dukes from Oklahoma is a straight A student, plays piano, guitar and sings. She has aspirations to be an actress when she gets older. There’s one huge obstacle to her dreams and maybe you can help. Kami has sickle cell Anemia. The disease causes normal red blood cells to lose oxygen and collapse into sickle shapes.  In addition to […]