Baby Needs Your Prayers

Eliana Cohen is daughter of Shani Levi Cohen and Ariel Cohen from Miami, Florida. Eliana, wasn’t hitting her developmental milestones. At age 1, she was misdiagnosed with hypotonia -reduced muscle tone- but when physical therapy wasn’t improving her condition, her family went back to a neurologist to find answers. The Cohens finally discovered that Eliana […]

Taj From Indiana Needs Your Help

Taj Mohammad is 71-years-old from Indiana. He needs a kidney transplant. He is an electrical design engineer. Last year Taj had a major gout attack in his right knee. Doctors referred him to a nephrologist. Tests revealed Taj’s kidneys were working at around 30% of normal functioning. His kidneys were failing. Now his kidney performance droped down to 12% and […]

Will You Help Love Survive ?

Kyle Froelich is 28 years from Indiana, needs a kidney transplant. When he was 12, Kyle went in for a routine sports physical. The urine test showed signs of kidney disease at that time. He was on dialysis when he was just a junior at Brownsburg High School. It was his senior year when he was put on the list for a transplant. Kyle met Chelsea Clair who […]