My Year Watching Tony Save Lives!

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A year ago, I was feeling I needed something for my soul, to take me to the next level and I didn’t know what? I’ve done a ton of personal growth type of workshops from Landmark Education to Personal Dynamics to the Kabbalah center to numerous torah classes, yet I still felt I needed more. After my friend Felicia, encouraged me to read Tony Robbin’s book, “Awaken the Giant Within”, I signed up for his weekend seminar Unleash the Power Within in NJ.   Let’s see what this Tony is about I thought, he seemed pretty interesting in the movie “Shallow Hal”.  The weekend, left me in amazement, dazed, confused, and never feeling more alive.  The experience was between a rock concert, hypnosis, deep self reflection and self growth type of work.  Tony got the group in “peek state”, and I’m not sure if I was hyptonotized or not, when he offered a year of growth by signing up for Mastery University. This program offered a three part series which consisted of Life/wealth mastery in Fiji, Spain or Florida and Date with Destiny in Boca, Florida. I forgot my limiting beliefs, that I don’t have enough money, or time, or my other million other excuses, and I signed up for a different type of University.  The mere fact, I signed up was shocking to me, nevertheless, just like walking over the hot coals on the fire walk in New Jersey, I took a leap of faith.


      Esti Berkowitz, of Primetime Parenting, sent me a casual email:  “Would you like to interview ANDY GARCIA on his newly-released film At Middleton?“  I thought to myself, would I like to interview Andy Garcia?  YES, I would (jumping up and down with child-like excitement).  He was my crush, my love, my long lost […]

Preston Thayer Needs a Double Lung Donor – Video

Preston Thayer, has Cystic Fibrosis, he needs a double lung transplant, asap or he will die. Preston’s brother died of the same disease. Doctors give Preston only months. We are looking for a directed donor. The following may sound harsh, and it could save a life. Do you know anyone who’s brain dead, on a […]