Baby Needs Your Prayers

Eliana Cohen is daughter of Shani Levi Cohen and Ariel Cohen from Miami, Florida. Eliana, wasn’t hitting her developmental milestones. At age 1, she was misdiagnosed with hypotonia -reduced muscle tone- but when physical therapy wasn’t improving her condition, her family went back to a neurologist to find answers. The Cohens finally discovered that Eliana […]

Tampa Woman Needs Living Kidney Donor

Betsy Urrea is a 27 years old Tampa woman from Hillsborough County, Florida. She was first diagnosed with kidney disease about 10 years ago in 2009 while in high school.  She was diagnosed with Glomerulonephritis. which is acute inflammation of the kidney. When diagnosed, doctors noticed both kidneys had already suffered severe damage. Urrea was also diagnosed with Factor […]

Tasha Needs a Living Kidney Donor

HELP THIS MOM!   Tasha King, 42, lives in South Carolinaand is a mother of three children. She was born with 1 kidney.  Tasha has journeyed through motherhood battling renal failure.She has been on Hemodialysis for 15 years nowwith the machine set up in her home. She spends five days a week, three hours a day hooked up to it and IS fighting for her life. She also has a thigh graft, […]