Have O blood – would be kidney or liver donor

sure. i dont need em both, and i know liver’s regenerate, so i could prolly give up some of that organ too. been debating on being a donor for a while, and thinking about my grandparents made up my mind. —–Original Message—–From: Save1person@aol.comTo: Notnewbie@aol.comSent: Mon, 6 Apr 2009 2:13 pmSubject: Would you be interested in […]

Will You Be a Living Kidney Donor for Danny?

This is a Save 1 Person News Break.  Save 1 Person. Save The World. Danny Vitanza, a student from Broome Community College in NY is fighting for his life. A terrible accident, left Danny disabled.  Now he is suffering from kidney failure. A fellow classmate is calling out to the world to help. A living kidney donation could save […]

Richard Needs a Living Kidney Donor – Will You Save a Life?

  This is a Save 1 Person Alert. Richard is a loving  father and husband.  Richard is in end stage renal failure and needs a living kidney donor to survive. Richard’s wife, Joy, is calling out to the world after she learned  she can not be a living kidney donor. Would you consider giving the […]

Craig Carse / A blood/ Would be living organ donor

Craig Carse” ctcarse@hotmail.com I saw your plea on a website and felt compelled to reply. I have A+ blood type and live in Roanoke. I know there are tests to  determine compatability. Please advise how to proceed. My wife will thnk I have lost my mind.  Please e-mail me if you need ctcarse@hotmail.com