Be an Angel – Enter the Bone Marrow Registry!

Robin Roberts, GMA anchor, finds donor match after announcement of myelodysplastic syndrome, MDS   By: Jacque Wilson, CNN Robin Roberts’ battle against myelodysplastic syndrome, or MDS, is just beginning. The “Good Morning America” anchor will undergo chemotherapy before having a bone marrow transplant later this year. “Bone marrow donors are scarce and particularly for African-American […]

Central Data Base to Make it Easy to Save Lives

At Save 1 Person, it’s unfortunate, sometimes people need a living kidney donor, and the system is not unified, there’s not a global system for people who would like to be living kidney donors. Wouldn’t it be great if there was one place like an Electronic Medical Records, medical records system for people who wanted to […]

If you are physically injured – you may be able to get help.

As people transition to different points in their life, quite often we need guidance navigating life. And what does it mean to actually help someone.  It’s hard sometimes to see the forest from the trees and vice versa, and wouldn’t it be nice to know that there are people who could  help you navigate through this […]

Education about different resources

Often times when people are sick they don’t know where to turn?  Education about different options with various diseases is often the first step to making informed choices.  Sometimes, I’m told, suppression of the disease could help your situation, so what do you want to do: boost your alkalinity  and to lower your PSA. I certainly don’t have […]