Israeli Girl Can’t Breathe

Devora from Israel is only 18-year’s old and her heart literally hurts.  Devora will literally suffocate if she doesn’t get the help she needs.Devora was born with a rare heart defect:  the flow of blood from her  heart to both her lungs – where it fills with oxygen to feed every cell in her body – was basically blocked shut.  Surgeries have kept her breathing with the help of a tube.  Now, that she’s a grown  lady the tube no longer is sufficient. This young lady needs a new tube the appropriate size to keep her breathing and alive.  Devora is drrowning, fatigued by smaller and smaller efforts, spending more time in bed and her skin and fingernails are becoming more and more blue due to lack of oxygen. Devora’s parents hearts are breaking watching their child grasp for air. Devora must have that last final operation to implant the adult-size life-giving tube –and they have just a few months before she reaches the point where nothing will save her anymore. The cost of the operation is more than $150,000.  This amount is more than these parents have despite using their last penny and asking friends and family for support. To learn more call972-53-416-7951.  Donate online at 1 Heart. Save The World.

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